Ruth Buka

    Buka: a Hausa word meaning a simple roadside joint, with good food and no pretensions, embodies and represents the soul and foundation on which Ruth Buka was founded.

    Ruth Buka is simply focused on delicious and authentic West African cuisines.

    At Ruth Buka, our traditional West African cuisines are made the old-fashion way, with specialty spices, seasoning and key ingredients imported directly from various West African countries. Our selected menu offers the best in highly nutritious and flavorful meals. Come and treat your taste buds to our authentic delicious meals from the root!

    Ruth Buka
    5250 Foothill Blvd.
    Oakland, CA 94601-5438
    Phone: (510) 430-9670
    Cell: (510) 332-6733




    Ruthsbuka side orders, appetizer and drinks

    These side orders and appetizers are available to go along with your order... Sold by: ruthsbuka