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At, we pride ourselves as the online ordering platform for food from the motherland. We partner with local restaurants and chefs to bring you the best of the best coming out of the continents diverse menu. Whether it is curiosity that brought you here or you are already used to the food, we hope that your taste buds leave you hungry for more. is a go to place for all food coming out of the motherland. We aim to serve food from the eastern, western, northern, southern Africa and everything in between. Our diversity story is just as diverse as the food itself and the chefs who make them.The African continent in its riches is a deep ocean with quiet a lot to discover. We are proud to be in the forefront of this through food. We hope that by visiting us, your taste buds will make a new friend. Below are some food discoveries you could find here Pap envleis or Shisanyama , Bunny chow, cape breyani and potjiekos and stew from South Africa, Muamba de Galinha from Angola, venison from Namibia and Chambo with nsima from Malawi, Kapenta with sadza from Zimbabwe, Jollof rice and egusi soup from Nigeria, PeriPeri Chicken from Mazmbique, Koshari from Egypt and much, much more!

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